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4 interesting podcasts for expats in the Netherlands

Moving to a new country is exciting, and many people want to learn a lot about the unique culture and country. However, getting all this information can sometimes be challenging when you do not speak the language. An entertaining way of learning more about a nation can be by listening to podcasts. Following is a list of English-spoken podcasts that are the most interesting for expats coming to the Netherlands.

RSH – Immigration and Relocation Services

Each country has different rules and regulations, which can sometimes be complicated. The Immigration and Relocation Services podcast talks about essential official procedures in the Netherlands and gives an in-depth explanation. One of their topics is the 30% ruling that applies to many expats. The podcast is still new and only has a few episodes; these can be found on Spotify (Spotify, n.d.).

Dutch News

When moving to the Netherlands, it is very understandable you would want to keep up with local news and know what is happening in the country you live in. Dutch News creates a weekly podcast on Soundcloud, telling you the Dutch news in English (I am expat, 2023).

Amsterdam Kitchen

Despite the name, Amsterdam Kitchen does not only focus on food within the Netherlands but covers food trends, insights, recipes and interviews with chefs and food bloggers—a recommendation to each foodie out there (I am an expat, 2023). Amsterdam Kitchen can be found on Spotify.

Broadcast Amsterdam

Bram Radio is a radio station with a podcast called Broadcast Amsterdam – or BRAM talk. The podcast mainly focuses on Amsterdam but handles other relevant topics for the Netherlands. For the podcast, they conduct interviews with locals, find great places to eat and give recommendations on the best local cinema screenings and film festivals. Especially a podcast to listen to when you live in the capital. You can find episodes on Spotify or the Broadcast Amsterdam website (Broadcast Amsterdam, n.d.).

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