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The best universities of the Netherlands

Annually, the Times Higher Education (2022) ranks the world's top universities on a list. This list consists of 1600 universities in 99 countries. Universities can be found all over the world, and the most famous ones are found in the United States; think of universities like Harvard or Yale. But close to The Netherlands, the best university in the world can be found: Oxford. Oxford ranked first in 2022, followed by the California Institute of Technology and Harvard. The top 10 consist of only American and British universities. The Netherlands, even though a small country, has seven universities in the top 100 of the list. But which are the top 3 universities, and where are they located?

The first Dutch university on the list is in Wageningen, which is a considerably small student city. They are the only university in the Netherlands to focus on the living environment and healthy food, and in its specialism, it is one of the best in the world. They have been carbon neutral since 2015, and 6 English programmes are taught (Times Higher Education, 2022).

Located in the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, the second highest ranked university can be found. Over 200 English degree programmes are taught; they rank first in The Europe Teaching Rankings and are the number 11 university in Europe. Besides Dutch students, the UvA hosts over 7000 international students and researchers from all over the world (Times Higher Education, 2022).

The third best university in the Netherlands is the University of Utrecht. Utrecht is in the centre of the Netherlands and one of the more prominent student cities. They are one of Europe's leading universities in research, and they are innovative in their approach to research and teaching, making them internationally recognised. Amongst alumni are 12 Nobel prize winners, and all programmes are fully taught in English (Times Higher Education, 2022).

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The Netherlands offers a high quality of living and education and opportunities for students to work beside their education. Moreover, after graduating, the alumni receive a one-year visa allowing them to work in the Netherlands, and there are many options for them to stay (Times Higher Education, 2022). Are you thinking or (re)locating your business to the Netherlands? Then DMS could be your ideal partner in business. The privately owned boutique corporate service provider consists of a highly motivated and educated team of professionals. These professionals have experience with forging longstanding relationships with their clients. Providing top-tier management is in their DNA, including services like Domiciliation+, Management, Administration, and, if necessary, Liquidation.

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