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Brexit: Hundreds of British companies consider moving to The Netherlands

The Brexit agreement concluded last year had sparked many companies' interest to establish themselves in the Netherlands. After a very chaotic exit from the European Union, a trade agreement followed between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Despite this deal, many British businesses are facing border problems, increased administration and tax difficulties. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) states that at least 500 British companies are interested in establishing in the Netherlands.

More time and more costs

"We are seeing a continuous increase in the number of companies that report to us. They are looking to establish themselves in the Netherlands. After January 1st, it became clear what that deal entails and in practice, it often means more time and more costs. That is why they are considering a switch," Jeroen Nijland told the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation on behalf of the NFIA.

Rules of origin

Various problems arise from the rules of origin in the trade agreement between the UK and the EU. Only products, most of which are produced in the UK, can be exported to the EU without surcharges. Everything that originates mainly in other countries, such as Chinese-produced parts, are not covered by the regulation. This means that additional import tariffs have to be charged and tax has to be paid. Hundreds to thousands of British companies are believed to be affected.

Moving to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an attractive location for British companies because of the excellent infrastructure, the favourable tax climate, the stable political situation and the comfortable living conditions. Also, there are fantastic flight and train connections between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Top-tier management services

Are you considering establishing your company in the Netherlands? We like to think along with you. DMS Netherlands is a privately-owned boutique corporate service provider with a highly motivated and educated team of professionals. DMS proudly originates from the Crédit Agricole family. The values ​​and standards of high-level international commerce are, therefore, in our DNA. We have been providing top-tier management services to a wide range of clients for over 20 years. Contact us, and let's arrange an online meeting!

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