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Finding great employees: how to fill vacancies quickly

In the last couple of years, a war of talent has been unveiled in society. Employers have difficulty finding talented employees; once they work with this talent, it is challenging to keep them long-term. A survey among 5000 technology professionals conducted by Forbes magazine (2022) even states that 87% of their respondents are actively considering switching jobs. Amongst other reasons, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in this shift. Employees started to work remotely more often, and many have begun reconsidering their priorities. As a result, many became more demanding about their companies and jobs. Work-life balance grew more important than compensation. Moreover, highly skilled professionals demand meaningful work, a suitable company culture and growth opportunities (Copos de Prada, 2022). Many enterprises manage to find and hold on to talent; the following are some tips to realise this.

Job interview

Treat candidates like customers

Nowadays, companies should strive for an environment where employees can thrive and grow. Many enterprises focus on customer experience and happiness, and this focus should also be used for their employees. As stated before, compensation is not the only factor influencing the potential employee, although it still plays a role. Moreover, it is advisable to offer a pleasant work environment, flexibility when it comes to conditions, schedules and remote working and offer opportunities for personal growth (GB-Advisors, 2022).

Be specific

To fill vacancies quicker, it is advisable to be specific. Using this trick will attract more people who are suitable for the position. However, do not set too high expectations because that could cause very few employees to recognise themselves in the job description (Regio in bedrijf, 2022). It can be recommended to create a talent persona to make a clear objective on what kind of employee you are looking for (GB-Advisors, 2022)

Happy employees

The best way to promote working for your company is by having satisfied employees communicating the advantages. Candidates that enter the company through satisfied employees often function better and remain with the company for longer. Furthermore, to attract more of your target audience, it is recommended to participate in events. Job fairs are a great place to show potential employees your culture and what a great place it is to work (GB-Advisors, 2022).

Let’s get in touch!

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