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Important elements of Dutch employment contracts

In the Netherlands, employees are well protected by law. It is legally mandated that employers continue to pay during illness, there is a minimum wage, and employment contracts cannot be terminated prematurely. Despite strong employee protections, it's crucial to examine the employment contract critically. Both employer and employee need to understand its contents and may negotiate (secondary) employment conditions.

Essential elements

In this blog, we briefly explain the essential elements included in a Dutch employment contract.

  • Identification of the Parties: The employment contract must include the employer's and employee's names and contact information.

  • Position and Duties: A clear description of the employee's position and associated duties.

  • Salary and Employment Conditions: The contract must detail the salary, payment frequency, and any secondary employment conditions (such as vacation days, bonuses, and pension schemes).

  • Working Hours: This should include a specification of standard working hours per day and week, including any arrangements for overtime.

  • Probation Period: If there is a probationary period, it must be clearly stated, including its duration and any special conditions.

  • Contract Duration: Whether it's a permanent or temporary contract, the duration of the agreement must be specified.

  • Notice Period: The period both parties must respect when terminating the employment contract.

  • Vacation Days: The number of vacation days to which the employee is entitled and the rules for taking them.

  • Illness and Disability: The procedure and conditions in case of illness or disability of the employee.

  • Confidentiality and Non-competition Clause: If applicable, provisions regarding confidentiality and non-competition must be included.

  • Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution: This describes the law applicable to the agreement and the method for resolving disputes.

  • Collective Labor Agreement (CLA): Relevant provisions must be mentioned if the employer and employee fall under a CLA.

Employing workers is often essential for growing your business. As an employee, delve into Dutch employment conditions to ensure a thorough understanding.

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