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Important points of attention when moving your company to the Netherlands

It can be very interesting for your company to establish itself in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for its stable political and business climate, has a favourable tax system for companies, is very welcoming to expats, and plays a central role in the European market. In this article, we look at three parts that are essential in achieving a smooth transition. These are important points of attention when moving your company to the Netherlands.

Legal and financial

Establishing a company in the Netherlands involves many legal and financial matters. This includes choosing a Dutch business entity, registering in the chamber of commerce, implementing Dutch and European laws and regulations, establishing an office, opening a bank account and various tax matters. This is a comprehensive and complicated process, and it is highly recommended to seek professional help to guide you through the process.

Immigration support

Another critical point is obtaining the correct documents and visas for company employees. In many cases, customization is necessary to comply with all Dutch immigration service laws and regulations. The correct documents have to be collected, prepared and submitted. Appropriate and competent advice on immigration and visas is essential.

Relocating employees and their families

When installing an office abroad, it may be necessary to bring staff from the country of origin. In that case, many things will have to be arranged at micro level for the employees and their families. This includes locating a suitable place to live, arranging insurances, finding schools for the children and giving body to their spouses' lives. A smooth transition is pleasant for the employees, and in the long term, contributes to productivity in the workplace. Professional guidance is also highly recommended here.

Do you not physically set up shop in the Netherlands, but do you want to do business from here and utilize all the Dutch business possibilities? DMS Netherlands is a privately-owned boutique corporate service provider with a highly motivated and educated team of professionals. DMS is able to provide domiciliation services combined with rendering management and administration services. Also, we can offer a corporate director or one or more individual directors for your Dutch entity. Are you interested in our services? Please arrange an online meeting!

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