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More renewable energy from biomass

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been a growing problem for the past 150 years. Because of the ever-increasing industry, levels of CO2 are skyrocketing and have never been higher. The emissions create significant environmental issues and cause climate change, leading to extreme weather, food supply discrepancies, wildfires, and drought (Inspire, 2021). However, a growing trend is 'renewable energy, which uses energy sources that naturally replenish. Furthermore, they create energy that reduces air pollution and diminishes reliance on ending fossil fuels (EPA, n.d.).

Renewable energy from biomass

Growing share

One of the renewable energy sources with a growing share is biomass. In 2020, the energy use from biomass like biogas, wood and household waste grew by 10 percent. This increase is primarily due to rising use by coal-fired power stations. In the Netherlands, energy from biomass accounts for about 6 percent of the total energy usage and is mainly used to produce heath (CBS, 2021).

Renewable source

Biomass is a collective name for widely deployable materials and is usually made by materials from organisms like animals and plants (National Geographic, 2012). Biomass is a renewable source as you can, for instance, grow back plants after harvesting them. Over time, the emissions of burned biomass can be assimilated by the growing plants. Furthermore, the source is reliable as it depends not on weather conditions such as solar- or wind energy (Milieu Centraal, n.d.).


Even though biomass is an excellent substitute for non-renewable energy sources, there is much discussion about the actual effects on the climate and if it makes a big difference, comparing it to fossil energy sources. When the biomass gets burned, carbon dioxide emissions also happen; however, the renewed plants assimilate significant parts of these emissions. Some see biomass as an option until more sustainable alternatives, like waterpower, are better developed and reduced costs (Milieu Centraal, n.d.).

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