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Let’s talk about diversity in the workplace

Over the last few years, diversity in the workplace has grown to be an essential topic. Years ago, diversity in the workplace was almost non-existent. But in the past years, a change has set in. And that is a great movement! Now that diversity is growing within the enterprises, so is their performance. Rijksoverheid (2022) states that companies with multiple cultural and ethnic backgrounds outperform other organisations. But what exactly are the benefits, and how can you incorporate them into your own company?

Diversity in the workplace


Outperformance can be measured on different levels, but a diverse work environment affects many parts of an enterprise. Often, revenue is higher, and so are the chances of surviving. Moreover, they’re more innovative and solve problems better. Employees are often satisfied within the workplace, which can also be seen in higher retention rates. Furthermore, because of the greater knowledge of diverse client groups, the companies can respond to trends in the market with ease. Because of the cultural difference in the workplace, enterprises attain a better image and can access more talent in the labour market (Rijksoverheid, 2022).

War for Talent

We are experiencing a war for talent. The need for superior talent is increasing, and many organisations have difficulties attracting and retaining talent. Talent pools grow significantly if a company can attract more talent and is not bound to a specific ethnicity. As diversity attracts diversity, it is advisable to have employees recruit within their own (culturally diverse) network. Moreover, a recruiter could post job openings on various job boards, for instance, on the job website in the network of students and alumni from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Crawford, 2021). Also, the company can instate a more diverse hiring team; this shows the commitment of the enterprise to diversify (Nguyen-Phuong-Mai, 2019). And because of conformation and ingroup bias, people tend to avoid companies or conversations with people that “are not like them”. This means that “you need to have a minority to get a minority” (Nguyen-Phuong-Mai, 2019, p. 160).


On a final note, different cultures tend to bring other working preferences and can bring different qualities to the table. Therefore, it is advisable to train managers to identify markers of culturally diverse personnel and embed this in a preferable way (Nguyen-Phuong-Mai, 2019).

Let’s get in Touch!

The Netherlands is already a diverse country, and over a quarter of the inhabitants have a diverse cultural background. This is one of the many reasons why the country is a great location to establish your company. In order to entirely focus on what is most important, your business, it would be great to work with a local partner in business. DMS is a privately owned boutique corporate service provider with a highly motivated and educated team of professionals. Many of their experienced colleagues are dedicated to forging a longstanding relationships with their clients. Values and standards of high-level international commerce are in their DNA, and they have been providing top-tier management services for over 20 years to a wide range of clients. DMS offers services such as Domiciliation+, Management, Administration, and, if necessary, Liquidation.

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