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The innovative capacity of the Netherlands

People that know the Netherlands might know they do many things in an excellent manner. For instance, their tulips are famous for their beautiful colours, and all over the world, people eat their cheese. Nevertheless, selling these rather classic products raises the question: how innovative is the Netherlands? Furthermore, what do people mean when they speak about an innovative company or country?

Innovation has two sides to the medal, both technological and non-technological. With technological innovation, renewing products and processes are meant. These can be the production of new products or services, but also improving existing products. It can also signify process innovation which entails improved logistics methods and enhanced accounting and buying practices. Non-technological innovations can be changing company procedures and changing the structure. Furthermore, non-technological innovations can also target marketing. Brand, packaging, or new product positioning changes can also be highly innovative (Rathenau, 2022).

Top of the world

Following a study of the Global Competitive Index, the Netherlands has been ranking in the top 10 for years. Nowadays, they are still at the top of the world regarding innovation. Leaving countries like Finland, Singapore, and Australia behind them (Rathenau, 2022). Moreover, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard, the Netherlands ranks high in innovation. They appear to be an innovation leader, and within most dimensions, they perform above or around the EU-27 average (Rathenau, 2022). It is sufficient to say that the Netherlands is not only the classical country many have in mind but is an outstanding innovation performer.

Carbon oxide vacuum

One of the Dutch innovations is the carbon oxide vacuum. In the south of the Netherlands, innovator Neve found a way to extract CO2 from the air and store it underground. Another Dutch revolutionary company is Lightyear, the enterprise manufacturing a car that runs on solar panels. These would primarily be valued in the southern parts of Europe, where there are many hours of sun and not many charging stations for electrical cars (Lachmeijer, 2022).

About us

The Netherlands is an innovative country, and they encourage finding enhanced process handling. This could make the Netherlands a great place to establish your business! With all opportunities, collaborating with a business partner is a great idea. DMS Netherlands is a privately owned boutique corporate service provider. They offer Domiciliation+, Management, Administration and, if necessary, Liquidation. DMS has a highly-skilled, experienced, and educated team of professionals who are specialists in forging longstanding relationships and have been doing so for over 20 years. If you want top-tier management, DMS is your ideal business partner.

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