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The list of lists – The Netherlands ranking third

People who already live in the Netherlands, or maybe even visited for vacation, will know that it is a lovely country. The country is safe, the economy and political situation are stable, and most people that live in the Netherlands are happy about the situation. But how well do we perform compared to the rest of the world? Mathijs Bouman, a columnist and economist writing for one of the most well-respected financial magazines in the Netherlands, created the "list of lists". This list combines research from five sources, viewing competitiveness, innovation, society, and happiness. The Netherlands finished third this year! Proofing that the country is a great place to live in.

Smiling people the Netherlands

Top three

The top 3 in the list of lists consist of the Netherlands third, Sweden second, and Switzerland first. The differences between the countries are minor, and even though Sweden ranked second this time, the Netherlands occupied that spot last year, and the difference now is only very small (Bouman, 2022). The reports researched by Bouman based on are globally respected. The Human Development Index (UNDP) is used for a broad vision of society, and the World Happiness Report by the UN researched happiness for people in the country. Competitiveness is tracked by the World Competitiveness Ranking of IMD and the Global Competitiveness Index by WEF. Innovation by the Global Innovation Index by Insead.

Personal Development and Happiness

This means the Netherlands is not only economically a great place to locate yourself or your family but also one of the world's better places to do business. Moreover, the top 15 of the list is dominated by European countries, with only the United States, Singapore, Canada, and Australia also ranking in the list of lists. The Netherlands especially ranks high on personal development and happiness. This is measured by asking each country to rate itself on a scale of 1 to 10. According to Bouman (2022), only a few countries in the world are as happy as the Dutch people.

About us

Of course, also the Netherlands is not without its flaws. And every country has its ups- and downs. However, this list is another justification for why moving or having your business in the country could be worthwhile. If you are thinking of (re)locating your business to the Netherlands, DMS could be your business partner! DMS is a privately owned boutique corporation service provider with a highly motivated and educated team of professionals. They provide services such as Domiciliation+, Management, Administration, and, if necessary, Liquidation. The team of experienced colleagues is dedicated to forging longstanding relationships with their clients and offering high-level international commerce. DMS has been providing top-tier management for over 20 years, and its portfolio comprises a wide range of clients. DMS can take services out of your hands so you can focus on what matters the most: your business.

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