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These are the most powerful women in Dutch business

In 1966 James brown sang the famous words: "this is a man's world". Decades later, in 2022, gender equality remains a hot topic. In The Netherlands, women attained voting rights in 1919. It was only in 1956 that married women were allowed to open their own bank account or work (National Historical Museum, 2021). It is sufficient to say we have come a long way since then. However, gender inequality still surrounds us. Men are often still compensated higher and are better represented in top positions. Nevertheless, society is changing, and an increasing number of women attain power. But who are these women?

powerful women in Dutch business

Petri Hofsté

The most powerful woman in the Netherlands is Petri Hofsté (Management Scope, 2020). Currently, Hofsté has key functions as co-driver within five corporations. This includes one of the biggest banks in Holland: Rabobank, and the biggest insurance company of the Netherlands: Achmea. When she was younger, Hofsté wanted to become an architect. Her 'traditional' environment discouraged her because she is a woman, and she decided this was the last time someone dissuaded her because of it (Nyenrode, 2020).

Miriam van Dongen

Management Scope (2020) chose Miriam van Dongen as runner-up. Van Dongen studied business economics and has primarily worked in the financial sector and the insurance industry. Just like Hofsté, she works as a Commissioner for Achmea and is a board member.

Corien Wortmann-Kool

Corien Wortmann-Kool became the third most powerful woman in the Netherlands. After graduating in Political Science in 1987, she immediately became a member of a company's management team specialising in women's fashion. Nowadays, she is a commissioner for the central commission for statistics, Aegon -a corporation specialising in loans and insurance- and she is a chairman of the board with ABP, a pension fund.

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These are only three examples of powerful women within The Netherlands, but there are many more. The Dutch corporate climate is increasingly becoming attractive for (female) entrepreneurs, and it is likely this will only grow in the future. Are you thinking or (re)locating your company to the Netherlands? DMS could be your ideal business partner. DMS is a privately owned boutique corporate service provider that has a highly motivated and educated team of professionals. Many of DMS' dedicated contact persons have been able to forge longstanding relationships with clients and provide top-tier management services. These services include Domiciliation+, Management, Administration, and, if necessary, Liquidation of your firm.

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