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Trends in the Dutch housing market

The housing market was due to heavy conversations over the past two years. Before, prices grew every year but stayed under a 10% increase. However, in 2021 the prices started increasing rapidly. At its peak, the housing market showed growth of over 20% compared to a year before. Inflation also played a role in this change. In 2023, the staggering prices started to calm down, and the housing market even showed a slight decrease in prices, and it seems like the market will stabilize again (CBS, 2023). Nevertheless, what exactly are the trends in the housing market for 2023?

Front view dutch houses

Diminishing prices

As stated before, the housing market will change drastically compared to the previous two years. Housing prices will diminish, and the housing supply will probably go up. Because the Netherlands was struggling with an energy crisis and inflation, many people put off buying a house for a while, and that is why the prices in the first half of 2023 went down. This also means that people starting their careers in Holland will have more chances in the housing market than those entering the country (Hypotheker, 2022).


Another trend for 2023 is making houses more sustainable. Because of the war in Ukraine, energy prices have been rising, and the way to get these prices down is by making houses more sustainable. Moreover, if you are considering renting out your house, this is also recommendable, as tenants will be more drawn to lower fixed charges. Furthermore, a more sustainable house will probably sell better (Hypotheker, 2022).


Furthermore, an increasing number of people are looking for a smaller apartment. This is because the baby boomer generation is ageing and looking for spaces more suited to their needs. Moreover, even though the government needs to make sure that there is more space for older people, this might also mean that more family homes will open up, and there are chances there (CARO, 2023).

About us

In conclusion, the Netherlands is likely transitioning into a ‘buyer’s market’ era. The prognosis for the upcoming years is that buying a house in the Netherlands will get easier. Because of decreasing prices and a higher offer, starters and people just entering the market have a higher possibility of attaining a place. That is why it is a great time to establish yourself and your business in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, with an ever-changing world, it is advisable to collaborate with a business partner who knows the market well.

DMS Netherlands is a privately owned boutique corporate service provider. They have a highly-skilled, experienced, and educated team of professionals who are specialists in forging longstanding relationships and have been doing so for over 20 years. They offer Domiciliation+, Management, Administration and Liquidation, making them the ideal partner in business.


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