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What are the long-term effects of the pandemic on Schiphol Airport?

A few months ago, the world changed in a surreal way. Because of the coronavirus, travelling became close to impossible, and the air traffic industry suffered from COVID-19 restrictions worldwide. Airports that were packed with tourists and commuters travelling for business were abandoned now. How did all these measures and changes affect the biggest airport in the Netherlands, Schiphol?

Schiphol airport

The Netherlands is a country that is economically primarily focused on service. In order to get companies to move to Holland, substantial air traffic is essential. However, during the pandemic, companies were also not able to travel as much as they were used to. It is uncertain if the globalizing trend that was going on will continue if the world fully opens again (Benschop, 2020).

If that globalizing trend does continue, Schiphol will turn much busier again, and old discussions will fall right back on the table. Before COVID-19, Schiphol was proliferating, and the pressure on the airport was tremendous. Subjects such as expanding the airport, shifting air traffic to another city, or even shifting the airport to the ocean, were hot topics. But due to the crisis, these topics were not relevant anymore.

At the moment, however, the pandemic is still going on. Schiphol still has measures like wearing a facemask, keeping 1.5 meters of distance, and always having a negative PCR test. Travelling is still proven difficult with countries maintaining strict restrictions for entering the country. It is expected for airports to keep hygiene higher on the priority list, and it is likely for travelling always to be different from the way we used to.

Even though the world is slowly picking back up and it is the question if the trend of a globalizing economy will continue. However, even during the pandemic, The Netherlands is still very relevant in the international market and thus, maintaining a business in Holland is a great idea. When setting up a business in a beautifully located country, it is relevant to have help from professionals who know the country and its values. DMS would be your ideal business partner, and with many years of experience and loyal employees, a long-standing relationship is within our hands’ reach. DMS provides top-tier management services, domiciliation service, help with administration and, if necessary, liquidation.

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