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What is the value of the MKB to Dutch society?

The Netherlands has many entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurial climate is excellent. Moreover, the Netherlands even has a society supporting these entrepreneurs; this is called the MKB. MKB is a Dutch abbreviation for 'Middle and Small Companies'. The influence of the MKB is significant. But what exactly does the MKB do, and what kind of value do they add? (MKB, n.d.).


If companies have less than 250 employees, they can be considered part of the MKB. Because of this, over 99% of enterprises belong to the MKB and account for 71% of employment opportunities (Panteia, 2020). They are not only an economic driver but also socially, the MKB offers many opportunities. Their vision is that entrepreneurs dare to take risks and, by doing so, create jobs. Therefore, MKB finds these entrepreneurs should be encouraged instead of held back by useless or unclear rules.


Over the years, it has become increasingly important to have companies add value to society. Profit does not only come from having a great product, as the image of an enterprise is becoming more critical. Businesses have different motives to become more sustainably aware of contributing to society, but the motive does not matter as much, as a positive impact is positive. The MKB supports entrepreneurs in adding social value for all sorts of stakeholders.


Furthermore, many enterprises that work with the MKB already contribute to society in many ways. However, they do not consistently market it as such as for them, it is "common sense". The MKB offers these companies help and insight to better position themselves. Moreover, customers of MKB companies expect the companies to add value to society. Because many companies do not have the resources to work in this ethical way, the MKB supports these enterprises and encourages them to add value to society (Panteia, 2020).

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Partially due to the MKB, the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands is blossoming. And if you are thinking of (re)locating your company to the Netherlands, it could be worth your while to see what they have to offer. However, moving your business to a new country could come with challenges like language, laws and regulations and culture that could slow down the process. Q-Business Support has a team with multilingual and highly skilled professionals dedicated to supporting you in implementing your business in the Netherlands. Q-Business Support creates solutions tailored to their clients' needs, enabling them to focus on what matters the most: their business' growth.

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